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Welcome! This is your online connection to accessible and affordable training in multimedia design and development at Portland Community College. We offer more than 30 courses in multimedia training, an AAS Degree in Multimedia, an AAS Degree in Video Production as well as a one-year Multimedia Certificate and a less than one-year Video Production Certificate.

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    Are you looking for a multimedia internship? We provide placement support and have resources to help students get connected to internships that will meet program requirements as well as give them valuable hands-on and real-world experience in the creative industry of digital media and/or video production.

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    Connect with graduates from the PCCMM program by visiting our Alumni page. This is an opportunity to learn about where students that complete our program are working or to find competent employees to fit your media needs.

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  • About PCC Multimedia

    The mission of the Portland Community College Multimedia Program is to provide training in a focused skill set, as well as, a broad conceptual overview that enables professionals to effectively apply multimedia in education, entertainment, and marketing in their industry or prepare a professional for transition into the multimedia industry.


  • PIGSquad: "Performance" & Pitch Party

    Jul 29, 2017

    Join us in a night of performance games and pitches galore! Anyone is welcome to come enjoy the show! Participate in our July Summer Slow Jam, make a performance game, and play on stage at this event! Didn't make a Summer Slow Jams game? Pitch your game, project, or product idea on stage to reach out to local game developers, teach us something, or practice speaking! Read more →